Thursday, October 1, 2015

Product Review- Bruhm Blender

So I got a blender... yay! and  have been having tonnes of fun with it.let's chat

So I was walking around the store, you know, just looking..then, I met this blender. It was a sweet deal and since I'm a sucker for deals, I bought, it, on impulse. To be honest, at first I was a bit skeptical cause the price was too good, not to mention I had never heard of the brand before. Anyway, first forward to few months later, and I am having tonnes of fun, I am not buying juice from the supermarket anymore; nuh uh baby, this girlie would rather get fruits and make a jugful of delicious fruity goodness....

One day, I had this gigantic melon...

and I figured, how about some juice? some good old cocktail...

I had about a cup of fresh mango juice I had made earlier...and a pawpaw and pineapple, so we were set..

Now, about the blender, it's from Bruhm, and to be honest I know close to nothing about this company; but the blender, I've got tonnes to talk about.
The blender is very efficient, it packs a punch and works in minutes, you now, depending on what you're blending.
I particularly like that it is relatively quiet, you know?  what's more? it has these rubber thingy's or feet so it has extra grip on the surface when you're working avoiding any jerking movements that would otherwise spill the contents.

it also comes with a mill, a very powerful mill I might add, the other day I tried to crush some nuts to add to my bread recipe but I ended up with powder instead! soo, unless you want nuts for your sauce, do not use the mill, use a knife instead, okay? good.
Here is it, the Bruhm work

I shall be reviewing more products for you along the way....

Talk soon.