Saturday, July 25, 2015

POTUS, CNN and the terror hot bed fiasco

The president of the United States, POTUS, Barrack Obama, finally lands in Kenya; the level of excitement in Kenya over the past few weeks as the day of the visit drew closer, was epic. Evidently the government was under the most pressure to ensure everything ran smoothly....well, the government and the grass that was expected to grow overnight...face palm

Kenyans were excited, heck we still are, he is still here; but some dark forces were out to rain on the Kenyan parade....CNN. the news network. it appears, is bent on destroying its ties with the Kenyan folk. whats with the constant battles over social media in the form of trending hash tags... to say that Kenyans were incensed, is an understatement; it is obvious that the KOT lot is one you do not go to battle with...we are keyboard warriors waiting for the slightest aggravation, and our phones will be plugged in on full charge with backup batteries ready to taunt life out of you.