Saturday, February 28, 2015

Of Empty Fridges

So I crawl out of bed today and scurry across the room to my kitchen area. Please note that while I am walking there I know there ain't much in my fridge. It has been a while since I went shopping; my fingers are crossed in the hope that there is enough grub for me to eat.

I open the fridge and a chocolate wrapper falls to the floor; I open the freezer; I don't even have ice cubes!!  I have a pack of french beans I bought from the store during my last trip (so i don't feel guilty about not eating my vegetables); the bag is unopened, but the beans are all spoiled.

wait a minute...
How does food go bad in a refrigerator?? doesn't that just beat the purpose of a refrigerator in the first place? I got the fridge so i could store food there for extended periods, right?? I mean I know the beans have been in there for a while but still...

 So apart from the spoiled beans...which are still in there by the way, I have half a cup of coconut milk, a piece of cake, a half a bottle of coke and a bottle of coke that has drinking water in it.  and...wait for it, an empty milk bottle....

...if its empty, why is it in the fridge???

I feel a knot in my throat, I'm really see, its not pay day yet, meaning yours truly is really broke, my bank account is inaccessible because for some reason I do not remember by PIN number (my brain chose THIS day to not remember). I am frustrated. It is the weekend and so I have to make do with the contents of my fridge until the next week so I can physically go to the bank and get the problem fixed.

Also, why is it that our parent's fridges were never empty? what did they put in there?  I guess you are never bothered until you're responsible for your own fridge, huh?

I do love the sight of an empty fridge though, to me, it means that I haven't wasted so much food- please forget about the French beans will ya? sheeesh!!

Talk to you soon.

Friday, February 27, 2015


Why, hello there, how about a little introduction, yea? I am Kerubo, a rather shy girl from the highlands, a girl with a dream….
This is where all my thoughts will be going; cause my handwriting has gone downhill since I learnt how to type; keeping a journal seems so..I don’t know...mainstream?? ahem.  Anyway, this marks my first post ever. I know this is going to be fun! I am a thinker, still waters…and I am pretty random.
Talk more soon…