Saturday, December 12, 2015

The car crash that was Pulse Music Video Awards, #PMVA2015

It was very late in the night. I was not sleepy and as I was going through the channels trying to find something interesting. KTN...there was an award show on, the pulse music video awards to be precise. There had been so much hype about this award show, I had made a mental note to watch ut after the several commercial...but I forgot! Thank GOD!! Because if the last hour of the show that I managed to watch was anything to go by, that was a horrid experience.

Let us talk about the venue. Now, before I get into it, let's talk about PULSE, the magazine. one that has managed to build a reputation for itself in the entertainment industry. In fact, I would be forgiven to say the magazine is among the leaders in entertainment reporting. you, know, giving us common folk the current trends in fashion, music, movies, name it. So you understand why some of us had our expectations set high.  

The show was held at IMAX, a movie theater...why? just why?? Performers had to jump from the audience to the stage; so did the few who were privileged enough to give out the awards. I gotta say, even the little shows we had back in high school had a backstage.  The lighting was horrendous, not that we expected much, after all, it was a movie theater. 


After Mercy Masika performed her hit song 'Mwema' it was Papa Dennis' turn to hit the stage. For a minute, I thought it was an album launch..haha...okay..maybe I'm hating a little too much.

Rachael, popularly known to Homeboyz Radio fans as Mwalimu Rachael, had to endure sharing a stage with Shaffie, who was either really drunk, or his idea of funny is completely different from mine. he kept interrupting poor Rachael throughout the presentation and it sucked! His jokes were as stale as last week's loaf of bread.

Here is why me and  few others were so unimpressed by this show.


While proponents of the show said it was just their first show, I disagree  that that was the best way to kick off the show. Others went ahead to say we were comparing the show to BET Awards and the Grammys...But we weren't. As a matter of fact, the only comparison we were making was to other equally successful award shows in Kenya, such as the Groove awards. No, they are not as glamorous as the Grammys but, they are not nearly as heartbreaking as the mess that was PMVA2015. 

Next time, the people at pulse better invest in an event planner, one who knows what he/she is doing. To add to that, it must be noted that other award shows are successful because they are scripted to some extent. Invest in talented writers to make the show more engaging. Also, what award show does not have any fans? Call it me being a jealous fan but STILL,  fans are the awards. Having celebrities looking down their noses as the only audience is part of the reason why the show was a disaster.

That being said, I am looking for investors to launch a music award show for east and west Africa. So we can show them how it is done. Ahem. Would you like to invest? Let me know in the comments below. 


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Joy of Giving

Giving, is so rewarding, knowing that a simple gesture has made such a big difference in someone else's life is an amazing feeling.

You know that dress you do not wear anymore? A little girl somewhere would love it! shoes, cardigans, your old blanket everything you no longer need. Give it.

All the above mentioned gestures count as giving..but they are not the only way or things we can give. How about giving time? a listening ear? a shoulder to cry on...these gestures, while not material, will make a huge difference to someone's life

Today, smile at that stranger, help that little lady across the street, wish someone a good day....

A simple gesture is what it takes sometime.


World AIDS day....

Years ago, the world learnt about this virus...HIV, that would attack the immune system and make you vulnerable to other infections...worse, there was no cure.

people panicked, the stigma that accompanied a positive diagnosis for HIV was insane...the amount of arrogance or was it ignorance displayed by people around a HIV positive individual was crazy.

But that was then.... Now, it is awesome that the rate if infection has fallen significantly, call me over ambitious but I think soon, very soon, the world might be HIV free...
I love that people are more careful, avoiding putting themselves at risk of infection. I love that a HIV test coming back as positive does not mean a death sentence. I love that people are more informed now, and the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS is long gone..

I love that people have accepted the fact that HIV is not just for homosexuals, that anyone can be infected. It is this information and people's willingness to read the information that has contributed to the drop in the number of infections.

Today, on World AIDS day, let us celebrate the far the world has come, in the fight to curb HIV infections. To celebrate the contribution of medicine in the fight. Increasing the chances of a long healthy life for HIV/AIDS patients. Medicine has helped reduce the risk of mother to child infections...ensuring little babies are brought into the world healthy.

World AIDS day is a reminder, to continue on with the fight, it is not time to quit, at the individual level, not only to practice safe sex but also protecting oneself against infection. sharing needles which is rampant among drug dependent persons (story for another day).

So stay healthy, stay safe and talk soon.

Let's talk, shall we?

peace and love.

Monday, November 30, 2015

What Terror has done to us...Strathmore

Today, someone died, in a scenario that could have been avoided.

Someone died while trying to run away of a terror situation that never was.

Today, someone went to work, never went back home, because of a terror Drill.

what is a terror drill if the outcome is the same as the real deal, like an actual terror attack?

Tell me why, an institution of higher of Strathmore's caliber, did not follow the required protocol to conduct a security drill.

Universities are the 'headquarters of reason' they ought to do things the right way. why the shortcut? Just because the police are security officers does not mean they are qualified to conduct drills. There is a disaster management agency in Kenya, one that would have helped in a jiffy had they been approached.

It absolutely irks me to know students are nursing injuries from a terror drill. you see, a drill should not have casualties, there should be no death in a drill situation..

The 'drill' was for a good cause, but poor planning brought disaster.

It all boils down to the government, and the security of the country as a whole. How did we get here? The Strathmore university incident brings into perspective the issues that are crippling the nation wih insecurity at the top, albeit corruption is quickly catching on.

I am angry, hence the two posts today that talk about the same thing. But just like every other individual out there, I am tired, tired of insecurity, what is happening to the world? I mean it is bad enough that our planet is slowly dying, which is our fault by the way, but why are we killing each other as well?

It is imperative that people embrace love for one another, there is enough Earth to go around, rather than  focus on hatred, we must embrace love. tolerance, peace.  let us focus on making the world better for the children.

Love is all we need. Well, and better leaders.

peace and love

Climate Change...Why we should start caring

For the most part, Climate change has been more of a phenomenon than a reality. We read about it in books, journals, newspapers ..but this channels of communication have been unable to have our attention long enough to make us care.

Perhaps, and this is just a thought, it is because the projections that Earth will be inhabitable in the future seem so far away that we opt not to care, cause we won't be there? Have we become so uncaring? So selfish that we do not care for the future, for others that will come after us, for our children, and our children's children?

Today, Part of China's population has to stay indoors because the air outside is hazardous. How ridiculous is that? That you have to stay indoors for fresh air! That, my friends, is an oxymoron. That is not how nature intended it to be. What makes it worse is that, it is our own doing, it is all our fault. it is our fault that the air is not breathable, it is our fault that the ecosystem is slowly dying. It is our fault that WE are dying.

Strathmore University, Nairobi. What have we learnt/

Strathmore University in Kenya conducted a terror drill today, to see how prepared the institution was in a terror situation. Sadly, the drill did not go as planned, as it left several student's injured and even some members of staff from what I gather.
That aside, what have we learnt from this botched operation?

Kenyans are living in fear, we are practically walking on egg shells. This therefore means it is imperative that students are trained properly on how to react to a terror situation prior to conducting drills to 'test' their preparedness. did Strathmore do this? we might never know

use drill experts to conduct a drill..why, tell me why, cops conducted the drill? it doesn't make know what else doesn't make sense? using live bullets in a drill...I'm sorry, but that is just plain stupid! from someone that has watched final destination, I know a million ways how that would have gone wrong.

we need training...granted, a terror situation is one in which panic is guaranteed. However, what we need is not terror drills, what we need is training to the people on what to do in a terror situation. That video on Youtube is clearly not working.  Find drill experts or a security company to train employees, students and staff members on what to do in a terror situation. business opportunity for the business minded out there.

The security situation is one that should be addressed once and for all! We cannot have students seating in class with fears of a gun crazed individual storming in and pumping bullets mindlessly. Something clearly needs to be done. I hope this somewhat sheds light on the situation as it is, the fear, the uncertainty, the need for security.

To my Strathmore compadres, I really hope y'all are okay...

peace and love

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Pope is in Kenya

Hi guys!!

The Pope is Kenya and maaan are we excited!!

We've had two pretty influential visitors this year and we are flaunting it.

As a kid, I remember how excited I would be when we expected guests.. I mean, forget about the actual day, the week leading up to it...all that was talked about was the guests... what would they eat? what will the kids (us) wear? you gotta look good for the guests.

Here, I have a countdown of how the week is spent;

Day 7: laundry: every single item of clothing in the house is cleaned. Mind you, there was no washing machine. and no cleaning lady aka mama nguo.  Torture!!

Day 6: since most of the laundry from the previous day is still drying outside, you use the opportunity to clean the house. no, not the usual mopping where the eyes 'reach'.  I mean moving the sofa, and the beds and removing the cobwebs that have taken over since the last visit...

Day 5: salon: the girls are sent to the salon, well, not the salon, but to the neighbors house to get their hair plaited. Nice cornrows or if you're lucky, Lines that meet at the center, 'mosodo' good stuff.

Day 4: If you're lucky, you get to accompany the adults to the supermarket so they can shop for  serviettes (lol) this is the kind of stuff you buy only, and only when there are guests. probably some plates too and a few spoons cause  for some reason, they get lost a lot.  If you are even lucier, you might get a pair of 'ngoma' rubbers or 'Bata' slippers. haha

Day 3: Now everything is in full gear. The few cobwebs you missed on Day 6 gotta go today!! the clothes have dried by now and they need to be folded and organised. the few utensils you bought yesterday have to be cleaned and neatly arranged in the wall unit next to the great wall TV in which you take so much pride

Day 2: market day. Have you ever noticed how guests always visited the next day after a market day. It's like they know....Mind-Blown. anyway, so you go to the market, for vegetables, potatoes, carrots, know? the good stuff you never buy when it's just you guys. why did parents do that though? not cool

Day 1: you are up very early. You have to peel the potatoes, and the carrots...the rice needs to be 'picked' the vegetables need to be chopped up. If you are from the highlands like me you know you MUST make mandazi for the tea that will follow soon after the meal. Then, you clean the house one more time, take out your most prized set of seat covers, take a bath, dress to kill, and keep yourself busy Until the guests have arrived.

Good times...good. times.

Anyway, we hope the Pope's visit brings good tidings. And most importantly, we really hope he prays for our dear deluded politicians who only now how to spew slander.
Let's pray.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


If you are a beginner , like me, you are probably looking for simple recipes that are easy to execute to build your confidence over time.

if you love cake, who doesn't? you will love this simple cake recipe for passion cake.
the cake is moist, fluffy and oh so delicious.

I do not have a sweet tooth so I always cut down the sugar in most recipes. Doesn't make a difference anyway.
so,here is what you will need
2 cups self raising flour
4 eggs
1 cup sugar
passion fruit pulp (equivalent of 10 passion fruits)
2 tablespoons of softened butter
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)

pre heat your oven to 200 degrees Celsius (375 Fahrenheit)
separate your eggs and whisk the butter with the sugar until you have a pale mixture
add in the egg yolks and whisk. whisk in enough air as this is important in maing your cake nice and fluffy
fold in the flour alternating with the passion fruit pulp.
in a separate bowl, whisk the egg whites until soft peaks and fold into the cake batter
pour your batter into two 9 inch cake pans and bake for 30-40 minutes or until a toothpick stuck in the middle comes out clean.

you can accompany this cake with a passion fruit pulp syrup or a butter cream icing.

The best cake ever!!!...accidentally..

So, I made a cake!! Let that sink in for a minute....okay? I made a cake, a nice, coffee and chocolate flavored cake..
granted, when I started making the cake I did not have the outcome in mind, you see, I was trying to make a red velvet cake but somehow, along the way, I messed a few things up...and well..let's just say I ended up with a brown cake! lol

Here is what I used

2 cups of all purpose flour
1 cup vegetable oil
2 cups sugar
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 teaspoon pure distilled vinegar
2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
2 eggs
1 cup coffee
1 cup of buttermilk (maziwa lala)
A couple of drops of red food coloring
1 teaspoon vanilla essence

here is what I ended up with

I know....not a red velvet cake..I must have put in too much cocoa, but the result was still impressive..I mean, this cake is insanely moist...and that coffee and cocoa combination is so awesome!! so you know..if you want a birthday cake or something like that, holla at your girl, and please be open to any outcome provided its cooked and tastes good.

after all, we are about taste here and not looks, am I right?
 So, go easy with the cocoa and do not brew your coffee too strong as it will ruin the color.

pretty much, sift the dry ingredients separately and everything else in a separate bowl then mix the dry ingredients in in batches.

preheat your oven to 200 (celsius) or 375 farenheit and bake for 30-40 minutes. If a toothpick comes out clean, you are good to go.
see you soon.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Product Review- Bruhm Blender

So I got a blender... yay! and  have been having tonnes of fun with it.let's chat

So I was walking around the store, you know, just looking..then, I met this blender. It was a sweet deal and since I'm a sucker for deals, I bought, it, on impulse. To be honest, at first I was a bit skeptical cause the price was too good, not to mention I had never heard of the brand before. Anyway, first forward to few months later, and I am having tonnes of fun, I am not buying juice from the supermarket anymore; nuh uh baby, this girlie would rather get fruits and make a jugful of delicious fruity goodness....

One day, I had this gigantic melon...

and I figured, how about some juice? some good old cocktail...

I had about a cup of fresh mango juice I had made earlier...and a pawpaw and pineapple, so we were set..

Now, about the blender, it's from Bruhm, and to be honest I know close to nothing about this company; but the blender, I've got tonnes to talk about.
The blender is very efficient, it packs a punch and works in minutes, you now, depending on what you're blending.
I particularly like that it is relatively quiet, you know?  what's more? it has these rubber thingy's or feet so it has extra grip on the surface when you're working avoiding any jerking movements that would otherwise spill the contents.

it also comes with a mill, a very powerful mill I might add, the other day I tried to crush some nuts to add to my bread recipe but I ended up with powder instead! soo, unless you want nuts for your sauce, do not use the mill, use a knife instead, okay? good.
Here is it, the Bruhm work

I shall be reviewing more products for you along the way....

Talk soon.

Friday, September 25, 2015


For eons now,

Eons...women and girls...have been dealt mean cards....

every fragment of society has been vindictive... political, social, name it.

It has been a long tedious 'freedom'

let me break it down...

feminist movements dating back to the stone age (I am sorry, too much? yes? )..
let's try this again, feminist movements, namely WID WAD and GAD have over the past years, before most of us were born, fought for equal rights for women and girls.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

POTUS, CNN and the terror hot bed fiasco

The president of the United States, POTUS, Barrack Obama, finally lands in Kenya; the level of excitement in Kenya over the past few weeks as the day of the visit drew closer, was epic. Evidently the government was under the most pressure to ensure everything ran smoothly....well, the government and the grass that was expected to grow overnight...face palm

Kenyans were excited, heck we still are, he is still here; but some dark forces were out to rain on the Kenyan parade....CNN. the news network. it appears, is bent on destroying its ties with the Kenyan folk. whats with the constant battles over social media in the form of trending hash tags... to say that Kenyans were incensed, is an understatement; it is obvious that the KOT lot is one you do not go to battle with...we are keyboard warriors waiting for the slightest aggravation, and our phones will be plugged in on full charge with backup batteries ready to taunt life out of you.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Of Empty Fridges

So I crawl out of bed today and scurry across the room to my kitchen area. Please note that while I am walking there I know there ain't much in my fridge. It has been a while since I went shopping; my fingers are crossed in the hope that there is enough grub for me to eat.

I open the fridge and a chocolate wrapper falls to the floor; I open the freezer; I don't even have ice cubes!!  I have a pack of french beans I bought from the store during my last trip (so i don't feel guilty about not eating my vegetables); the bag is unopened, but the beans are all spoiled.

wait a minute...
How does food go bad in a refrigerator?? doesn't that just beat the purpose of a refrigerator in the first place? I got the fridge so i could store food there for extended periods, right?? I mean I know the beans have been in there for a while but still...

 So apart from the spoiled beans...which are still in there by the way, I have half a cup of coconut milk, a piece of cake, a half a bottle of coke and a bottle of coke that has drinking water in it.  and...wait for it, an empty milk bottle....

...if its empty, why is it in the fridge???

I feel a knot in my throat, I'm really see, its not pay day yet, meaning yours truly is really broke, my bank account is inaccessible because for some reason I do not remember by PIN number (my brain chose THIS day to not remember). I am frustrated. It is the weekend and so I have to make do with the contents of my fridge until the next week so I can physically go to the bank and get the problem fixed.

Also, why is it that our parent's fridges were never empty? what did they put in there?  I guess you are never bothered until you're responsible for your own fridge, huh?

I do love the sight of an empty fridge though, to me, it means that I haven't wasted so much food- please forget about the French beans will ya? sheeesh!!

Talk to you soon.

Friday, February 27, 2015


Why, hello there, how about a little introduction, yea? I am Kerubo, a rather shy girl from the highlands, a girl with a dream….
This is where all my thoughts will be going; cause my handwriting has gone downhill since I learnt how to type; keeping a journal seems so..I don’t know...mainstream?? ahem.  Anyway, this marks my first post ever. I know this is going to be fun! I am a thinker, still waters…and I am pretty random.
Talk more soon…